Have you ever seen a Wolf Pig? – Izzy Rochester’s story

Have you ever seen a Wolf Pig? – Izzy Rochester’s story

And what would it look like if you had seen one?

My brother Jonny asked all of his friend’s children if they could imagine what a wolf pig would look like. All of the kids drew interpretations of what it may look like. But none of them were close to what Jonny had in mind.

“Well actually, it looks like this”

Jonny was diagnosed with Leukaemia, even after he changed his life around. He was a recovering alcoholic who had been sober for nine years. We all used to think that we’d find Johnny dead alone in a gutter. So for Johnny to die, respected and loved – with the people around him that cared for him. It was a positive thought for us that he died peacefully.

To this day, I’m so frustrated that he never told me that he was going to die. He never said he wouldn’t make it – he was always so positive. He was my big brother and I believed everything he said. He rang me to say ‘I’m coming home at the weekend and we’ll go for a walk.’ That was the week he died. I’ll always regret never saying that he was such a fantastic brother.

So many people have been touched by cancer and leukaemia. We hoped to create a lasting legacy to remember Jonny and others who have faced the same battle. Team Wolf Pig was set up as our personal tribute to Jonny. I found the image of the Wolf Pig he drew among his things. I knew immediately this should be our symbol.

To raise awareness we carry little rocks with the symbol on them. While trail running, we place them on significant tracks. This certainly does catch peoples’ attention – ‘what is that? What is a wolf pig?’

A lady whose brother also died of leukaemia found one of our stones in the Lake District, she said she was driving along and saw one of the rocks. Her brother was only 21 when he died. She got in contact with us via facebook sharing her story with us. I love how such a simple idea brings people together who share the same experiences.

I’m really amazed with how many people have got behind Team Wolf Pig and are really going for it. His friends are also getting involved and we’ve raised about £800 so far, but this is just the start for us. It’s also lovely to see strangers getting involved. They’re helping me get through the loss of my big brother, but also giving back to a charity that helped Jonny, and others while he was ill.

Although in recent times it has been difficult; we aim to keep going, spreading awareness and raising money. Everything Teen Wolf Pig raises all goes to Bright Red.

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