Why life is sweet for flourishing start-up

Why life is sweet for flourishing start-up

A young entrepreneur is enjoying soaring demand from sweet-toothed northeasterners for her fast-growing confectionery business.

Anna Madderson launched Daisy’s Daily Delights last April amid a surge in local delivery services in the first lockdown and the closure of non-essential shops.

The company, which hand delivers sweet treats and gifts across Newcastle and Northumberland, now has over 50 products and a growing army of happy customers.

Its name was inspired Anna’s beloved dog Daisy who is never too far from a treat.

Having built up a steady base of home delivery business and a range of products tied to key celebratory dates in the calendar, it is now also targeting the corporate market.

It has also partnered with fellow local suppliers – including a cocktails business – to provide joint gifts across the region.

Anna, who recently graduated from Newcastle University with a Geography and Politics bachelors, said: “After university I had planned to pursue conservation and wildlife management, but I never imagined I’d be making a living from this. It started as an idea on one of those long lockdown nights and we haven’t looked back since our first order last April.” 

Daisy’s Daily Delights have a growing list of partnerships, including Bright Red. “In collaboration, we are introducing an exclusive red-themed gift set and 50% of all its profits will go to Bright Red to support all their fantastic work.”

Anna visited Ward 33, Northern Centre for Cancer Care at the Freeman Hospital – dropping off Bright Red exclusive sweet pouches for all the patients and staff.

“My personal highlight so far was a socially-distanced delivery of gifts to some very poorly people in hospital. It’s amazing how much our products have cheered people up during the pandemic.

I was on verge of tears. There was nothing positive for the patients in that moment: with Christmas gone and January blues. I was so happy to be bringing a smile to peoples’ faces. It was the first time I felt proud of myself. You could see how much it meant to them.” 

“There’s been a huge wave of support for local home delivery businesses during the COVID-19 crisis and we’ve certainly benefited from that.

“I believe some of these trends will continue after the restrictions are lifted, but we’re now also looking to cement our long-term future with plans for the corporate market and special events; while also continuing to innovate our products.”

For more on Daisy’s Daily Delights visit: www.daisysdailydelights.co.uk

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