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Roxcool lowland walkers with landscape view

Walk This Way

Whether you tour a city or follow a nature trail, you’ll discover things you’ve never seen before by walking – and why not do it all for a good cause too.

The Lowland Leader Scheme is designed for people who wish to lead groups on day walks in lowland countryside and woodland areas. The majority of the UK, and much of the North East, is made up of this type of landscape so you’ll never be short of places to walk.

Lowland LeaderWe have partnered with Roxcool, For Adventures of a Lifetime, who provide training for those adventurers out there who want to guide a walking group.

The instructional team at Roxcool is led by the owner Cliff Lowther. Cliff, a fully qualified Mountaineering and Climbing Instructor, said: “The course is for anyone who is interested in leading walking parties in the local area. This would cover parkland, forest and coastal paths. Most of my time is spent teaching people to become better leaders and instructors, while qualifying them in the process.”

Roxcool was established in January 2009 to provide climbing and mountaineering courses. Mainly based in and around the North East of England, but often found working in North Yorkshire, The Peak District, Scotland and The Lake District.

Cliff also said: “The best thing about the lowland leader course is that it’s so accessible. First of all, I love the course because the people that join are fantastic; they’re all keen to learn. It is a perfect opportunity to make memories. I get a variety of people attending the course from fitness ladies to primary school teachers. They all want to lead walks for their local community.

You can achieve the award within a short time because you don’t have to travel anywhere. You can walk out the front door and get on to a public path right away. The north east is perfect, too – we have the coast, forest and parkland, all within a close geographical area.”


To get started on the Lowland Leader qualification you need to meet the following prerequisites:
• You must be at least 17 years old
• You should have an interest in leading Bright Red groups in lowland countryside

Register you interest in the Lowland Leader Scheme here.


Four Peaks Challenge

When: Sunday 28th November
Bright Red needs your help for our Cleveland Four Peaks challenge and our other walks planned.

We especially need volunteer walkers for our upcoming walk: Four Peaks Challenge. Family members, friends, colleagues and even neighbours are welcome to participate in the walk so you can bring along as many people as you’d like.

We are requesting a £35 contribution from each person taking part and a minimum fundraising amount of £75.

If you’re not able to take part in the challenge but would still like to donate to the charity, you can do so via our donate page.

Signing Up:
If you would like to take part, please complete our booking form here or get into contact with us via phone at 0191 269 5467 or our email [email protected] 

(Remember to give names of everyone you’re bringing with you.)


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