Research update – the first NCRI AML Academy

Research update – the first NCRI AML Academy

Gail Jones, Michelle Lannon and Matthew Collin from Northern Centre for Cancer Care at the Freeman Hospital in Newcastle attended the first NCRI AML Academy in Birmingham Sept 19-20.

Organised by the AML Global portal and the National Cancer Research Institute, the conference heard presentations from Mark Levis (Johns Hopkins, Baltimore; on a new class of drugs used treat Acute Myeloid Leukaemia known as ‘Flt3 inhibitors’ and novel drugs to help older patients with AML from Courtney DiNardo (MD Anderson, Houston;

Speakers from the EU and UK (Gert Ossenkoppele, Brian Huntly, Steven Knapper, Charlie Craddock, Mike Dennis, Ghulam Mufti and Paresh Vyas) also presented updates on genetic analysis of AML, new drugs and treatment strategies.  The mood was very optimistic because a portfolio of new drugs have recently been licensed for patients with AML, the result of decades of scientific research, and recent clinical trials.  These represent incredibly significant advances over the standard two-drug combination that has been in use for more than 40 years.  The UK has some of the best ‘molecular testing’ in the world, allowing the design of patient care based on individual risk factors.

On the second day there were a series of workshops, one of which discussed the use of a new test for predicting response to chemotherapy in AML developed by Newcastle, Cardiff and Baltimore with funding from Bright Red.  It is hoped that this will be incorporated into the next National Trial protocol.

Presentations from the meeting have been summarised on YouTube where they can be located  by searching ‘NCRI AML Academy’  e.g.

Matthew Collin was interviewed at the conference, which you can view here

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