Lee Robson Patient Care Awards

Lee Robson Patient Care Awards are one off monetary awards given to patients in most need of financial assistance.

Our Lee Robson Patient Care Awards were first introduced in 2012 and for the first few years were restricted to patients attending the Northern Centre for Cancer Care – thanks to a donation from the Masonic Charitable Fund we have been able to open these awards up and help support patients from right across our region.

Applications need to be made through the key workers identified at each hospital and will only be given out to patients who meet the criteria.

You can find the criteria here Lee Robson Criteria 2018

How we help

Joe Bailey

Most of my award will be used on transport or accommodation for my family. I live in Middlesbrough but need to attend the Freeman regularly. If my family want to come and visit, then they have to fund that themselves and it gets quite costly.

After having the transplant it’s not safe for me to use public transport. My immune system is very low and I am also constantly tired, so walking isn’t an option. Even going to visit my girlfriend costs £10 a time, but it’s really important to have the support from family at a time like this. The award really helped with stuff like this.

Valerie G.

Valerie applied for an emergency Lee Robson Patient Award after finding herself in financial difficulty.

Complications in treatment meant further absences from work, which dropped her income level. There have also been difficulties in processing benefits. The award has given Valerie the funds she needs to help with day to day living costs until these issues are resolved.