M.A.D for Arts & Crafts Exhibition and Auction

With thanks to our amazing volunteers our M.A.D for Arts & Crafts Exhibition and Auction is now up and running. All the arts and crafts have been kindly donated by local artists and craft enthusiasts with 100% of the proceeds coming to Bright Red.
With the charity celebrating its 10th anniversary there were many events planned throughout the year, as well as the launch of our Making A Difference Community Hubs. Because of the circumstances events had to be cancelled and with lockdown any community gathering was not possible. However we haven’t let that stop us, with the help and perseverance of our wonderful volunteers we have been able to create our first M.A.D hub and focus group.

The group have met virtually weekly and have brought a varied knowledge and experience to enable us to look at how to progress with hubs across the region. We want our M.A.D hubs to be focussed around what the members would like them to be, their thoughts and ideas, which will help us at Bright Red to provide the best care possible for blood cancer patients, their family and carers in our region. This will mean every hub will look and feel different but with a common goal, to make a difference.

Many of the members of the focus group are keen crafters and find relaxation by taking part in arts and crafts projects. With many in isolation it has been a much needed distraction to aid with anxiety and mental wellbeing. Because of this the idea of an Arts & Crafts event was suggested and within a week we had many donations from local artists and crafters for our exhibition and auction.

To browse our gallery clink HERE 

If you would like more information or to be part of our M.A.D Hubs email [email protected]


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