Ivan’s Mount Everest Challenge


Ivan’s Mount Everest Challenge

“Our next challenge will be…Climbing Mount Everest with a 747 jet strapped to my back.”

In aid of Bright Red, Ivan Hart from Lionhart Fitness, along with his clients, will be doing box jumps and steps until they reach the height of Mount Everest (8,849 feet). This is equivalent to box jumping around 28,400 times!

But, to make it even more challenging, they will be carrying the weight of a 747 jet – which is a staggering 183,500kg. Everyone taking part will carry a backpack weighing 10kg as they box jump.

“It’s a mammoth task, but it’s unique and who doesn’t love a challenge? All for a fantastic cause, too,” says Ivan.

Since the opening of Lionhart Fitness, they have completed many fundraisers for Bright Red – from entering Total Warrior OCR (Obstacle Course Race) five times to completing a Colour Run at Gosforth Park.

But doesn’t stop there – Ivan wanted to be more adventurous with his challenges: “I was constantly being told by my clients that when they see my car outside the gym, they think about turning around and leaving – as they know I will be giving them a hard session at the gym. Well, that set me thinking and I came up with this: If they hate my car, how can I hate my car? With that in mind, I decided that I would pull my car 26.2 miles (the same distance as a marathon). This equates to 106 times around a 400m track, with a 1700kg car strapped to your back. I managed to do the 106 laps in an amazing 14 and a half hours. I’m not going to lie – it was hard and my whole body hurt by the end…but guess what? I now HATE my car too!”

Ivan managed to raise an amazing sum of over £3000, which was split between Bright Red and NETS (Neuroendocrine tumours).

“I’m a very adventurous person and love a good challenge; challenging yourself and putting yourself through a little bit of discomfort is nothing compared to what people who are suffering from blood cancer are going through.”

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