“I love my job and, to be honest, it doesn’t feel like a job at all at times…” – Jill Bell, South Tyneside and Sunderland Royal Hospital

“I love my job and, to be honest, it doesn’t feel like a job at all at times…” – Jill Bell, South Tyneside and Sunderland Royal Hospital

Wednesday 12th May was International Nurses Day! Organised annually by the International Council of Nurses, International Nurses Day celebrates the contribution that nurses make to societies around the world! This week, to show our appreciation, we’ll be sharing interviews and stories of our wonderful Bright Red nurses posted around the North East ❤️

On our final post of the week, today we feature Jill Bell, based within South Tyneside and Sunderland Royal Hospital.

Jill has an incredible wealth of experience within her field having worked within South Tyneside and Sunderland Royal Hospital for over 20 years. Most recently, for the last 3 years she has been funded by Bright Red. Jill’s 22 year career has been predominantly in Oncology, but saw a turn when working with the National Blood Transfusion Service which saw a passion for Haematology bloom.

“In 2003, I joined the Chemotherapy day unit which was a Haemato-oncology unit. I worked my way through the ranks and managed that same unit that inspired me so much.”

“I love my job and, to be honest, it doesn’t feel like a job at all at times. I find the hardest of days are also very humbling when caring for such an amazing group of such selfless patients. I always believe that as patients and their carers do not choose to be in the situation they are in, that if I can make this easier in any way, then I will do anything I can to help them.”

As a Haematology Specialist Nurse, Jill provides expert nursing advice and support to patients with haematological malignancies and bleeding disorders, and their carers too. Jill provides valuable input to the care of the patient from diagnosis through all stages of their treatment.

“I develop and monitor standards of care within the Haematology service and support/deliver education and training for all staff within the service. I act as a resource to ensure that evidence-based nursing is practiced throughout the Haematology service.”

For all nursing, medical, care staff and patients alike COVID has proved to be one of the most testing and unknown times. It has provoked services to adapt, change and conquer to operate in ways completely different to that they are used to.

“Working in completely different ways has been very challenging for everyone involved and I only hope now we can begin to get back to some sort of ‘normality’ as the hospitals quieten down.”

Outside of her busy career and working days, Jill keeps herself busy being a wife and a mum to 2 boys, and one “daft puppy”. Whilst this often leaves little time to sit back and relax Jill says she simply “couldn’t do this job without the support of them and all of my family and friends.” Despite this, Jill certainly manages to challenge herself in those moments having taken the time last year, with her friend Jolene, to jump out of a plane in a fundraising skydive for Bright Red!

“I would try anything once, but that is one thing I could never ever do again! But, at least that part of the bucket list is ticked!”

Rather you than us, Jill! It makes our knees wobble just thinking about it. Maybe a bungee jump next?

Compassionate and committed, we count ourselves incredibly fortunate to have an individual like Jill Bell represented Bright Red in her incredible work. Bright Red would like to say a huge thank you to Jill for her ongoing support and commitment to her role ❤️

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