Fundraiser Profile: “I jumped for the opportunity!” – Thomas Minto

Fundraiser Thomas Minto holding up a certificate for participating in Bright Red Skydive Jump.

Fundraiser Profile: “I jumped for the opportunity!” – Thomas Minto

There are plenty of runs and walks to support charities, but how about jumping from an aeroplane?

This weekend mountaineer Thomas Minto will take part in a 15,000 ft tandem skydive jump in support of Bright Red.

Thomas viewed the world from above back in July, when he participated in his first ever skydive jump. This was an unforgettable experience, while helping us support Blood Cancer patients and their families across the North of England.

Now, he wants to do it all again. He said: “I was nervous and excited – then it was over. If you didn’t feel that adrenaline buzz then people wouldn’t do it.

As soon as I got off the jump, I asked if Bright Red were doing any more.”

How did you get involved with Bright Red?
Thomas said: “I love the outdoors; I’m always at the Lakes or Scotland mountaineering. But the parachute jump was something I have always wanted to do, I just never got round to doing it. All of a sudden the chance came up and I jumped at the opportunity.

I knew about Bright Red through word of mouth, but I didn’t know a lot about what the charity does. What I did realise is that people were sponsoring me straight away: it obviously brings home to people.”

Thomas set up a ‘Sponsor Me Page’ on Facebook, with the aim of achieving at least £150, he explained: “My goal wasn’t much. The jump initially got cancelled because it was scheduled during the lockdown. When I found out it was on again, I only had a week to prepare. I hit that target of £150 in the first 24 hours. We raised an incredible £600 in total.”

Thomas lives in the small village of Stamfordham, where he received a lot of support from his local community: “I brought a sponsorship form to the local pub and they raised £300! I also got donations from my family and friends. I was shocked at how many people donated, the charity must mean a lot to people.”

“Initially, I was ignorant to what Bright Red does but was amazed at how many people have been directly affected or had an interest in it. It’s a relatively new charity to me. When you look at the information about them, you realise how important Bright Red is. Everyone usually thinks of Cancer Research which works nationally, but this is a regional charity so it means a lot to my community.”  

This time Thomas is self-funding his jump and has inspired his friend, Andrew Scott, to participate too. He said: “This jump is purely for enjoyment. I didn’t feel like I could ask my friends to sponsor me, since I already did a jump two months prior. Perhaps next year I will take on a new challenge and ask the same people to sponsor me again.”

Thomas is set to take off from SkyHigh Skydiving Peterlee at 09:00 a.m on October 18.

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