Fourth Bright Red Nurse starts at The Friarage Hospital

Fourth Bright Red Nurse starts at The Friarage Hospital

We are delighted to share with you that Bright Red Nurse Heather Lee is now in post at the Frirage Hospital in Northallerton, thanks to our investment of over £40,000.

We are now funding four nursing posts across the region, with Bright Red Nurses already in post at the Northern Centre for Cancer Care at the Freeman Hospital, at the Sunderland Royal Hospital, and at the Queen Elizabeth Hospital in Gateshead.  We will soon also have a Bright Red Nurse taking up post at North Tyneside Hospital, with all five Bright Red Nurses due to be in post by the end of 2019.

We are very proud of this funding, and we are very grateful to all our supporters who have made this possible!

Heather, who has started in her role of Assistant Nurse Practitioner in Haematology at The Friarage Hospital, has shared an overview of her role with us below:

“The role itself is in its infancy within the Haematology department at the Friarage and after much research we believe that this role is one of the first of its kind, which is why my colleagues and I are eager to evolve the role over the coming months, there are a variety of new and exciting challenges each day. As an Assistant Practitioner I work alongside the Clinical Nurse Specialists (CNS) providing support and advice to patients with Haematological conditions, coordinating their care from the point of referral throughout their journey and beyond.

I visit patients in the community and the hospital setting to manage their individual conditions undertaking specific patient interventions which also involves recognising if there is a change or a deterioration in their condition following treatment, and escalating to CNS appropriately.

I document and monitor aspects of patient care and support the CNS in the completion of Holistic Needs Assessments (HNAs), I make pre planned outbound telephone calls to the patients to discuss their potential needs, liaising with the CNS and other healthcare professionals to ensure their needs are identified and acted on appropriately.

My role is also to promote the patient’s own involvement relating to their care and distinct needs, and to maintain and deliver a high standard of care for all our haematology patients. One of our visions as a team is to focus on patients life after treatment and to help them live well with and beyond Cancer.

I also direct incoming calls and initiate suitable responses in accordance with protocols and individual pathways following discussion and communication with the wider team and CNS.”

Heather joins Sarah Clarkson and Jennifer Lawn at The Friarage Hospital. 

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