We assist in the education and training of healthcare professionals dedicated to treating patients with blood cancer.

Healthcare professionals who are actively involved in the treatment of haematology patients in the north of England are eligible to apply for funding so long as they can prove that the award will have a positive impact on the patients they treat. Examples of educational grants include funding for accommodation, travel to seminars (eg the EBMT conference) and also bursaries for staff on international placements.

If you would like to discuss your funding needs please contact us on 0191 269 5467 or by email at [email protected]. To apply for funding click here.

How we help

Staff Development Grant, Siamak Arami

Dear Miss Elliott,

I would like to express my sincere appreciation for Bright Red educational grant that enabled me to do a haemato-oncology and stem cell transplant fellowship at Fred Hutchinson Cancer Research Centre in Seattle, USA. Fred Hutchinson Cancer Research Center pioneered bone marrow transplantation and has made significant contributions to advancing this lifesaving procedure and improving the care of patients with blood cancers.

In August 2013, I completed my haematology specialist training at Northern deanery and accepted for the fellowship program in Seattle. I stayed for about six months in Seattle and worked there as a visiting haematologist. I attended both inpatient and outpatient services and looked after patients suffering from haematological malignancies at different stages of their diseases. I was also able to do clinical research as well as build connections with brilliant haematologists and scientists.

The opportunity to train and pursue future aspirations in one of the world’s top cancer centres was an important part of my career professional development and was a great boost to my early independent career as a consultant haematologist. I couldn’t have had this experience without the support of Bright Red. The close connection Bright Red tries to establish and maintain with trainees made it easier for me to feel supported, to get help when needed and to feel part of Northeast community. I am sure that in the near future, I can and will use this experience to the benefit of my patients.

Siamak Arami