Chris’s journey to the GNR 2019

Chris’s journey to the GNR 2019

In 2013 I was diagnosed with AML (acute myeloid leukaemia) and admitted to the Freeman cancer care ward where I received chemotherapy. During which time I became aware of the Bright Red charity who helped me with a Lee Robson Patient Care Grant to buy new clothing due to weight loss.

After my treatment and recovery, I received remission for 9 months until the AML returned. The Doctors told me that my only option would be to have a stem cell transplant so in 2016 I received news that a match had been found from a 26-year-old male from the UK. On the 13th July I received my stem cell transplant. I spent a lot of time in one of the isolated rooms while I recovered.


A few months later I was given a top up of the stem cells which led to me getting GvHD (graft versus host disease) why I was warned may happen. More hospital treatment was received and I became a very familiar face. To treat my GvHD I received treatment from the ECP machine which was funded through Bright Red. It was great to see 2 familiar nurses, Alvin and Iona, who would be looking after me during my ECP treatment.

I have received the most amazing care from all of the doctors and nurses during my treatment and with their help on the 13th July 2019 I celebrated my 3rd stem cell birthday (great to get 2 birthdays).


Bright Red fund so much work on the cancer care wards and help so many people, they are a charity so close to my family’s heart and we continue to fundraise when we can so we can give a little back to say thank you for what they have done for me.

This year my wife Emma and her friend Carleyann who runs the Onebody4life Fitness Studio signed up to run the Great North Run and raise funds for Bright Red. It didn’t take long for more of the team to sign up and get involved, and they recently held a fundraising bingo night with the fantastic Miss Rory from Newcastle Boulevard who sadly lost her Auntie Elizabeth from blood cancer.


I have always wanted to take part but wasn’t sure I would make it to the end, all the Bright Red places where taken so I thought I will wait until next year. But 6 weeks ago Lisa at Bright Red dropped me a message to say there was a place for me so I am signed up and with the help of my wife I look forward to making it to the end for a well-deserved pint.

The Onebody4life team JustGiving page is currently over £3,300.

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