Chris Bell is celebrating his ‘5 Year Stem Cell Birthday!’

Chris Bell is celebrating his ‘5 Year Stem Cell Birthday!’

“Every year, I get to celebrate two birthdays – my birthday and my remission – it’s another excuse to get the family together.”

Chris Bell was diagnosed in 2016 with a form of blood cancer. After being diagnosed, he was admitted to the Freeman Hospital in Newcastle. While receiving his treatment, he became aware of Bright Red from one of the ward’s nurses and the ways in which we can help.

Chris was awarded a Patient Grant which helped during his stay in hospital. He also got to know many of our Bright Red sponsored nurses throughout his treatment period.

He says:“These nurses weren’t just there for me, but were also there for my wife and family. They made sure they were ok throughout my time in hospital.”

“It was a tough journey but I always felt like I was in great hands. I had the best Doctors andNurses who provided me with outstanding care.”

Bright Red invested over £40,000 to help create anew ECP treatment centre at the NCCC.Until this time patients, like Chris, battling GvHD needed to travel to Rotherham.

“Thanks to Bright Red funding a ECP machine, I was able to receive Regular treatment at the Freeman Hospital, where patients in the past had to travel further away. I felt very lucky to be able to have access to this fantastic machine and the wonderful staff who looked after me.”

Chris and his family were determined to give something back to Ward 33, and to the Bright Red sponsored nurses who helped to support him through such a challenging time. Chris participated in the Great North Run 2019. He said: “A GNR place came up just 6 weeks before the run. I hadn’t done any training but it wasn’t a competition for me, it was about going out there and just enjoying it. This was the first challenge I had given myself since my treatment and I wanted to raise as much as I could. I felt so lucky to have a fantastic group of mates from The onebody4lifestudio in Gateshead who all got involved and raised vital funds for Bright Red too.”

“Bright Red’s work is so important it made a huge difference to me and my family. Throughout the time I spent in hospital I met many people, who also received the same support. I know I will always be extremely grateful for the treatment, help and support that I received.”

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