Cancer Did Not Stay At Home For COVID

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Cancer Did Not Stay At Home For COVID

Coronavirus isn’t going away any time soon – but neither is blood cancer.

Not surprisingly, with the disruption of the coronavirus, patients were asked to stay at home to shield and postpone their routine medical care. But this has created difficulties with accessing cancer treatment, research and early detection.

In the age of COVID-19, it’s important to support blood cancer patients and their family – and Bright Red haven’t stopped. They continue to adapt to these strange circumstances and are ‘thriving’!

It’s been six months since the UK entered lockdown. With life slowly reverting back to normal, admittedly the ‘new normal’, the events of March can sometimes seem distant and obscure. However, the impact of the pandemic and its devastating effect on cancer services and charities, remain.

Six months on, we’ve got a much clearer picture of how Bright Red will progress and we are continuing to adapt to these unprecedented times.

Bright Red are doing all we can to keep community spirits uplifted. Bright Red CEO Lisa Saxton, said:

“We’re actually thriving during these uncertain times, despite the challenges that come with this.”

“To some extent, there have been constraints on us. We are struggling to receive ward donations due to the restrictions on ward visitors. Meanwhile, some of our busy events have been postponed or cancelled and, naturally, some funders have been tentative due to their financial concerns.”

This hasn’t stopped Bright Red. The charity is still organising and running events for you to get involved with.

In October, see Bright Red CEO Lisa Saxton, specialist haematology nurses Jill Bell and Sarah Blakey – as well as supporters of the charity take part in a tandem skydive. The aim was to raise funds to support Bright Red’s M.A.D volunteer projects and help provide tablets for patients receiving treatment in hospital to keep in contact with loved ones.

Maggie Martin, Bright Red supporter said: “We are in changing times, which understandably brings with it fear and disruption. But we have used this time to our advantage: to think, reflect and raise awareness.”

The restructure of Bright Red has predominantly focused on community planning. But CEO Lisa highlights they have kept Bright Red’s key values at the core.

She said: “Everything we do goes into the community. Bright Red has supported haematology treatment and research within the north of England since 1988.

“We have recently invested £310,000 into a new Cytometer machine. The machine allows accurate counting, measurement of cell properties and classification.”

Ways you can help: 


  • Get involved with Fundraising We rely entirely on our supporters raising funds on our behalf. We would not be able to invest in improving patient care, staff development and research without the fantastic support we receive.



  • Donate –  click here  Your donation will make a great impact on our work and will help us to continue to fight blood cancer in the region.


The last six months has been one of the most challenging periods for Bright Red. But thanks to the dedication of our volunteers, healthcare staff and researchers, we are moving in the right direction.


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