A ‘Topping’ walk

David and his wife walking for Bright Red

A ‘Topping’ walk

“People would always ask: ‘what is it like to have a stem cell transplant?’

I would say the first one is like climbing Roseberry Topping in Middlesbrough – a hill that’s challenging if you go up the hard route. The second transplant would be like climbing Mount Everest. This was to give others an idea of how hard it is on the body.

Then an idea crossed my mind: it would be great to do a charity walk up Roseberry Topping.”

In 2014, David Wilson was diagnosed with myeloma – read his story here. The following year, David and his wife thought it would be a good idea to return the support: “I’m sure I’ve never paid enough taxes to repay my treatment, but we wanted to give back”

“At the time, my intention was to raise money for Myeloma UK which is a large charity. When talking to Professor Jackson from the Freeman Hospital, he mentioned there is also a local charity called Bright Red.

I always remember what someone at the Freeman said to me: ‘the smaller, local charities rarely get a big bite of the dairy.’ ”

David decided to raise money for both charities.

On the day, 55 friends and volunteers followed David up Roseberry Topping, alongside the support at the bottom waiting for them to arrive back.

“It was humbling to be walking along there, with all those people following me up that hill. Admittedly, I wasn’t first up the hill – I was one of the last. But once we arrived at the top, they did this massive cheer. It was one of those moments where I was really proud.”

The group raised an amazing £1600. £1000 went to Bright Red and £600 went to Myeloma UK.

David’s efforts have been extraordinary and we wish to thank him for all of his hard work and determination. Thanks to amazing people like David, here at Bright Red we can continue our vital work in supporting patients, families and carers impacted by blood cancer.

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